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Open or close each section below based on your trip's weather and particular needs.
Add your own extras and get outside!

Canoe Gear Basics

  Paddle (per paddler)

  Extra paddle

  PFD (per person)

  Extra PFD

  Seat as needed

  Dry bags

  Spray covers

  Weather/VHF radio

  Float bags

  Floating throw line


  Large Sponge


  Bungee Cords

  Trailer/tie-down gear

  Flashlight or Headlamp


  Water Bottles

  Pocket Knife or Multi-Tool

  Matches/lighter in ziplock

  Water Filter or alt.

  Large Ziplock Bags


  Toilet Paper

  50 ft 1/8” or 1/4” rope




First Aid Kit
  Pain Relief Medicines

  Allergy Medicines

  Antacid Medicines


  Foot Care

  Solar Blanket




  Gauze Pads

  Antibiotic Ointment

  Eye Ointment

  Alcohol Swabs

  Support Bandage

  Hot/cold packs

Warm Weather Clothing
  Shorts/convertible pants

  Neoprene booties

  Sandals or water shoes

  Dry suit or top


  Wicking T-shirt

  Wicking underwear

  Hat with retainer

  Sunglasses/float cord

  Shore shoes/Socks

  Light Windproof Jacket

  Spray or Rain Gear


Cold Weather Clothing
  Quick dry Pants

  Wicking Shirt

  Synthetic (fleece) vest/jacket

  Neoprene booties

  Dry suit or top


  Wicking underclothes

  Thermal/Silk Underclothing

  Knit Hat

  Sunglasses/float cord

  Shore shoes/Wool socks

  Spray or Rain Gear


  Gloves/Liners (synthetic)

  Winter Coat and Liner

  Pants Shell

Personal Items

  Wash Cloth or Bandana

  RX Medicines

  Feminine Hygiene

  Lip Balm


  Insect Repellant





Repair Kit

  Bailing wire

  Nylon cord


  Extra hardware

  Duct tape

Cooking and Food
  Spoon/Fork per pers.

  Cup per person

  Plate per person

  Serving Utensils

  Cooking Pot/Pan/Griddle

  Packable Stove

  Fuel as needed

  Food- Snacks x 2/day

  Food- Meals x 3/day


  Paper Towels

  Dishwashing Soap

  Sponge or scrubber

  Dish Towel

  Small Cooler w/lid secured

  Ice or cold packs

Optional Extras





  2-way radios

  Mobile Phone

  Paddling Gloves

  Bilge pump

  Permits and licenses

  Fishing gear

  Rashguard clothing

  Dining Fly/tarp

  Knee Pads

  Yoke w/ pads 

My Extras
  Write in your own items












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