Boat Camping on Lake Powell

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Boat Camping on Lake Powell
What an experience!
The scenic beauty of Lake Powell really defies description. Photos help, but as we all know, they never really live up to the vastness and brilliant colors of nature.
A few months ago, my family went for a quick trip on the lake. We packed the usual gear for a shore campout, but wound up sleeping under the stars on the boat itself. It was quite comfortable for the 5 of us. We either chose the deck or the soft bench seats for our sleeping area and enjoyed the subtle rocking of the boat and the not so subtle bright moon and stars.
In contrast to the luxurious but cumbersome house boats that slowly migrate around, our quick little deck cruiser was just the ticket for a fast, low maintenance trip. It provided a good combination of shade, speed and room to wander around. We tucked all the camping gear under the seats and enjoyed two days of sight seeing, exploring, tubing and swimming.
Can’t wait to do it again!