A Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life

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A Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life
Do you have a friend who loves the outdoors and disappearing into nature’s wildest landscapes? Maybe it seems like every weekend they disappear somewhere or they regularly ask you to join them on a new hiking trip. They’re always on the move, exploring, climbing mountains, hiking trails, running rough terrain with their dog. More than likely you may be looking for the perfect gift for your outdoor enthusiast. Here is a gift guide with some great options to keep in mind. 


Tools and Apparel

Here are some practical gifts that will help the outdoor enthusiast in your life confidently explore: 
  • Warm jacket: What better way to enjoy a trip than to enjoy warmth and comfort while exploring the wilderness. The perfect jacket can keep someone warm even when it starts raining and they have to deal with the elements.  
  • Water bottle or thermos. Of course, hydration is a must on any trip, and having a quality receptacle is essential, whether it’s for carrying hot coffee, juice or water. 
  • Hiking boots: One can’t enjoy a great hike without proper footwear. Hiking boots provide necessary support and stability. Backpacker recommends a variety of hiking boots to tackle even the roughest mountain routes and trails. 
  • A sleeping bag or sleeping pad: While sleeping out in the middle of the woods will never be completely comfortable, these can certainly improve sleep and help provide enough relaxation for what lies ahead the next day.
  • Headlamp: This is a handy little gift that serves multiple purposes, but it can be especially helpful during night hiking or when venturing down dark trails.
  • First aid kit: The trick is to always be prepared, and even carrying a small first aid kit can help with minor problems.

Tech Gifts

Who says technology can’t offer a bit of comfort and extra security out in nature?  There are a plethora of cool gadgets out there that will make any outdoorsman jump in their hiking boots. 
  • GPS tracker: If your cell phone can’t get a signal, this handheld device is like a map and compass in one. 
  • A GoPro camera: This is a great way to record incredible footage of outdoor adventures without the risk of dropping or losing mobility. 
  • Bluetooth speaker: Great for listening to tunes around the campfire or during that long hike. 
  • BioLite camp stove: This is a practical and handy companion to any trip. It creates a smokeless fire that stores energy that can be used later to charge a phone.
  • Phone charger: Keep your smartphone powered with a portable charger.
  • Solar charger: Uses the power of the sun to quickly grab energy, charge a device and power whatever is needed on the go. 

For the Adventurer’s Dog

For many outdoor types, a canine friend is always nearby. Dogs make great companions on any hike or camping trip, and here are some gift guide ideas for the pooch in your fearless adventurer’s life: 
  • Light-up collar: With a light-up collar, one can always keep an eye on their pooch even from afar or when he decides to wander at a distance. 
  • GPS dog tracker: In case a dog runs away or wanders off, this is an outstanding way to track his exact location in real time.
  • Dog sleeping bag: He’ll need to stay warm too, so here’s a great way to keep him cozy and comfortable. 
The great outdoors is a place to enjoy nature, meditate on the important things in life, disconnect from the chaos of the modern world, and return to our adventurous roots. These gift ideas can boost that enjoyment for your outdoorsy loved one and their four-legged friend. Happy shopping. 

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